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Wash N Wax

  • Wash N Wax is a ph balanced liquid soap with wax that produces a dense foam giving you a great shine every time.
  • Dry your car after washing it with a synthetic drying cloth.

  • Wash N Wax rinses off easily.
  • Special polymer Surfactants greatly reduce surface tension with a hydrophilic effect to safely encapsulate and flush away dirt and grime.

  • This soap works excellent for hand wash and foam gun applications.
  • Produces a dense, great smelling foam that cleans and conditions the surface while leaving a smooth brilliant looking finish.

  • Wash N Wax uses special technology to saturate the soiled surface with a complex blend of polymers.
  • This greatly reduces the abrasion that takes place during the wash down process.
  • This also leaves behind a slick surface that further minimizes additional friction during drying.
  • What this does is gently cleans the dirt, but doesn’t harm the protection already in place prior to washing.

Biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and free of harsh detergents.

Will not dry out your hands with regular use.

  • Your car will love you and so will the environment.
  • Water soluble hydrophobic polymers coat the surface and allows easy rinsing to conserve water and reduce towel drying time.
  • Water will quickly sheet off the surface.
  • Works great on all vehicles including cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, mobile homes & motorcycles.
  • The easiest way to clean, shine & protect your vehicle with a bucket & hose!

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