Carpet & Cloth

When you think of the word cloth, like a cloth seat in your car, for most people this invokes the idea of actual cloth, for example things like pillowcases, denim jeans or t-shirts – all made from cotton. Cotton comes from an all-natural organic plant, which is used to make cotton cloth. 

But when it comes to a car’s interior, unlike pillowcases, jeans and t shirts, things that wear-out and you replace easily and inexpensively – or you throw in the washing machine and dryer before wearing again – the cloth seats or any cloth or fabric material used inside modern cars are made from much more stout materials. These materials must hold-up to extreme wear-n-tear for years and even decades without being replaced as this is the perception for normal durability by average car owners.

Truth is these materials are often times synthetic in their make-up using chemicals like acrylics, polyesters, polyamides, and nylons, which are all synthetic materials. The synthetic materials are manufactured to resemble cloth and then used for seat material, headliners, carpet, and upholstery.

Here at 3D – our chemists and our material scientists know this and formulate products accordingly, so you don’t have to play the part of a chemist or scientist. Instead, simply trust the name on the label on the outside of the bottle, follow the directions, get great results and be amazed.