3D Detailing Clay

The term used to describe removing bonded contamination from the surface of your car’s paint, glass and other smooth, hard surfaces is mechanical decontamination. That’s the fancy way of saying you’re going to use detailing clay to clay the paint on your car.

Back the 1980s, when detailing clay was first invented and then introduced to the world it was expensive. Guess what? It’s still expensive. And… if you accidently drop your clay – you’ll need to throw it away. You cannot risk rubbing malleable detailing clay over scratch-sensitive clearcoat paint once it become contaminated with any type of abrasive particles like small rocks.

Here at 3D we offer two modern substitutes for old fashioned detailing clay. Not only do they work better and last dramatically longer – if by chance you accidently drop one of these clay replacements onto the ground, you can pick it up, wash it off and continue to use it. Now that’s genius!

Our clay replacements are real time savers as well as money savers too. And of course, our how-to videos, guides and online articles will show you how to mechanically decontaminate your car’s paint like a professional.