Leather Care

There are so many products on the market for leather, vinyl, and rubber that it will make your head spin. We know because it makes our heads spin! There is also a lot of confusion over what to use for modern automotive leather interiors. The simple fact of the matter is, modern leather, at least the outer surface is closer to vinyl than the type of cow hides used for car interiors in the early days of the automobile.

Sure if the manufacturer states their vehicle has a leather interior – by law there must be leather somewhere in the car? And there is… but it’s under what is referred to as a coating, as in coated leather. But this coating is not like most people think, it’s not thin, clear, film like kitchen plastic food wrap, but it’s a synthetic overlay that includes pigment to create a beautiful color and an imprint that replicates the appearance of a natural grain or pattern in the surface.

Instead of researching this topic or wading through millions of opinions on the Internet, how about trust in the fact that here at 3D we have a team of REAL chemists and also real material scientists and it’s their job, their profession, and their expertise to already know about all these different modern materials and how they are in fact made or “manufactured”. And because this is also their passion, (chemistry and cars), they do in fact know what ingredients to use to formulate both functional and effective leather care products. (Seriously, our chemists know what they are doing)

All 3D products that state on the label they are formulated for use on leather are not only safe but will keep your car’s leather surfaces looking new and feeling soft and supple.