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6" White Lamb Wool Cutting Pad

  • 3D AAT System white lamb's wool pad is arguably the fastest cutting pad available.
  • This genuine wool pad is one of the highest quality, NON-synthetic wool pads you can get and delivers an extremely fast,
  • even cut on any type of painted surface.
  • Unlike synthetic, twisted and knitted wool pads, our lamb’s wool pad will not shed all over your project,
  • keeping the wool where it’s designed to be, “on the job”. You can’t fool Mother Nature.
  • Real, genuine lamb’s wool pads will last longer than synthetic.
  • Real wool will hold products longer and the hair will not fly off the pad and create tremendous clean-up issues.


  • This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.
  • For more information go to
Product Information & SDS Sheets