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Air Freshener Luscious Lemon 16 oz


  • 3D Air Freshener will freshen up the smell inside your car. You can spray as much or as little as you want of this premium liquid air freshener.
  • In contrast car vent sticks, which are costly and run out fast; 3D offers a more cost effective car air freshener as they have a longer lasting scent.
  • The hanging pine trees are costly since they lose their pleasant smell fast.
  • 3D offers a wide range of scents that can appeal to anyone’s taste whether you like fresh scents, fruity smells, or tropical aromas. You can use 3D’s 16 OZ air fresheners for a long time.
  • Detailers can refill the liquid air freshener into a 3D OSHA Compliant bottle for easier spraying.
  • This is the most affordable car air freshener you will find on the market that also works very well.
  • Gallons are great sizes for high volume detailers, dealerships, car washes, and even marine users.
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