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Bug Remover

  • Bug remover is an enzyme based product that breaks down and loosens bugs splatters. If you live where you get a lot of bugs plastering the front of your vehicle, 3D Bug Remover is the right product for you.
  • It is safe for the paint, plastics, and windows but works best when surface is cool. You can use a long handled brush with the Bug remover to scrub the bugs free of the grill of your vehicle, just be careful while scrubbing your paint as a brush on your paint could cause swirls
  • . You may want to pick up a few microfiber towels and Waterless carwash to assist with the task. The gallo is concentrated so make sure you dilute it 4 to 1 in a spray bottle.

  • Try to do it in your garage and then it can either wash it off with a pressure washer, your garden hose, or you could even use 3D waterless car wash if water isn’t available.

  • Let it sit on the surface for about a minute or two; this allows the Bug Remover to actually go in and dissolve the proteins of the bugs. Avoid using this product in the direct sunlight so that it won’t dry up on you.

  • After letting the Bug Remover sit on the areas you have sprayed down, you can either use an soft brush for the plastics and a microfiber towel to gently scrub the effected areas.

  • This soft brush helps you get all the areas that might be hard to reach by hand. It’s going to loosen this up and knock off some of these really tough bugs. Afterwards, use a microfiber to get the rest of the bugs and product off the car. Don’t worry about streaks, you’ll get rid of those in the next step.

  • After you got all the bugs off your car, use 3D Waterless and two towels to give it that final finish shine. One towels to clean with the Waterless and the other one to buff dry.

Consider using 3D Bug Remover Solution on your motorcycle or boat.

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