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Ceramic Touch

  • Advanced Sio2 Technology Provides Extremely Durable Coating & Paint Protection for Superior Shine
  • Super Hydrophobic for Longer Lasting Protection  
  • Easy Spray & Wipe Formula (1 Bottle will Coat up to Mid-Sized Vehicles)
  • Recommended Use: Prepare Vehicle by Completely Cleaning & Decontaminating Surface of Any Blemishes or Imperfections (Paint Correction Process is Highly Recommended)
  • Instructions: Spray One Area at a Time and Wait Roughly 30 Seconds Before Wiping Off

Ceramic Touch is an easy spray, wipe off ceramic coating formula that can be applied to any paint color for long lasting protection and superior shine. It has an advanced Sio2 and super hydrophobic formula that provides longer lasting paint protection. We highly recommend this product to be used only after the surface has been entirely cleaned, decontaminated, and prepared for application by removing any paint blemishes and imperfections, which you can do with our 3D One Hybrid Compound & Polish (paint correction process).

Ceramic Touch Coating provides an added layer of protection to your paint so that the actual paint surface does not get damaged by any causes of nature. You can see the product at work once applied correctly by seeing smaller water drops sitting on the Ceramic Coating surface and not seeping into the paint surface. Once you start driving, the water will rinse away, and your paint will still be protected. We have seen Ceramic Touch Spray provide up to 1-year protection before needing to apply another coating around the vehicle. Instructions: spray one area at a time and wait roughly 30 seconds before wiping off.

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