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Express Wax

  • This one step liquid wax will give shine and protection and leave no powder residue or streaking. Express wax can even be used on semi-wet cars in direct sun.

  • This is a quick wax to give you a nice shine and good protection for a couple weeks. First, shake it up, because it separates into a suspension.
  • Express Wax contains oil and emulsifying agents to allow the wax to be sprayed quickly on the surface. Get good coverage and let the wax flash.
  • Take a clean microfiber towels and remove the excess wax from the surface.

  • It is quick and easy way to get you a nice deep shine and it is a very good protection for a couple weeks.

  • One Step Liquid Wax. Can be used on conventional or clear coat paints. Leaves no buffer marks, powder residue or streaking on black cars.
  • Hides swirl marks and light scratches. Can be used under the sun and on semi-wet cars coming out of a car wash tunnel.

  • 3D Express Wax is the simplest way to seal your car of harmful pollutants all while providing incredible gloss and surface slickness.
  • Use 3D Express Wax to restore gloss to single stage or clear coat paints by replenishing the surface with hydrating oils.
  • This fast wax can be used on paint, glass, lights and wheels to produce an invisible protective barrier. You can even think of it as a booster for your existing wax or sealant, but it can also be used as a stand-alone protectant.

  • This convenient wax is safe for trim. Contains special polymer abrasives that can also hide some swirl marks and light scratches.
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Size 1 gal,24 oz
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