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What is it? - Multi-purpose conditioner and protectant for leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. 

What does it do? - Conditions and protects leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces.

When do you use it? - After first cleaning the surface, follow-up with an application of the 3D LVP Conditioner to restore, preserve and protect.

Why use 3D LVP Conditioner over other options? - The types of materials used for car interiors inside modern cars are superior in quality and longevity that the types of materials used decades ago. This is great for us car owners, but you still need to be pro-active and use something to maintain the life, longevity, and appearance of these continually changing materials. The chemists at 3D are well-aware and stay up to date with the continuing improvements and changes to the technology and materials used inside automotive interiors. As technology changes and new materials are introduced to improve the quality of any car manufacture’s fleet of vehicles, it’s not a surprise to our chemist, it’s their job to stay up to date with these changes. This is why our product formulas are continually evolving to ensure our formulas stay current with these manufacturing improvements world-wide in the automotive industry. And this is why you should trust and use 3D products for the inside of your car. They are the best product because they use premium ingredients, green technology and the formulas are always current to match the surface they are to be used on.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

  • Conditions and protects leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces.
  • Restores and maintains flexibility, stretchability
  • Helps to prevent cracking, tearing, fading, and discoloring.
  • Creates a rich natural appearance with matte sheen.
  • Non-greasy, non-oily, non-glossy with zero residues after wipe-off
  • Contains all-natural mink oil to replenish a soft supple feel and extend the life of leather and vinyl.
  • Has a light, fresh leather scent to restore that new car smell.
  • 3D’s green technology is Earth-friendly, biodegradable and VOC compliant.
  • Safe for coated leather. Not for use on nubuck or aniline leather surfaces. Also, not for use on Alcantara, micro-suede or velour surfaces.

IMPORTANT: Always work on a cool surface in the shade.

For leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces

Step 1: Apply an ample amount of 3D LVP Conditioner directly onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad. 

Step 2: Massage the product over the surface to be treated and allow to penetrate for 30 to 45 seconds.

Step 3: Wipe the surface dry using a clean microfiber towel. Repeat this process to all leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces on the inside of your vehicle.

Pro Tech Tip

Perforated leather is becoming more popular and more common in modern vehicles, especially with so many cars now being offered with air-conditioned seats.

Whenever you’re working perforated surfaces, be they leather or viny, DON’T apply product direction onto the perforations as you load them up and clog these tiny pores or holes with product.

Instead, pour the product you want to use onto foam or microfiber applicator pad and then MASSAGE the product INTO the applicator. This way you don’t have a pile of lotion-like product simply sitting on the surface, which will then slide into the perforations.

Now that the product is IN your applicator pad, as you press the applicator pad against any perforated surfaces, the applicator will release the product onto the surface where you can then massage it without the risk of clogging the perforation.


Additional Information

Real-world Example – Protecting the viny top on a 1964 Chevy Impala SS

Here’s the vinyl top on a 1964 Chevy Impala Mike Phillips recently detailed including cleaning and protecting the vinyl convertible top.

Pictured above is the top after first washing and drying using 3D LVP Cleaner.

Application is easy, simply apply an ample amount of the 3D LVP Conditioner to the face of a microfiber applicator pad.

Next spread the conditioner out using an overlapping circular motion. Once the product is spread out, thoroughly massage the product over and into the vinyl top.

After treating one side, move to the other side and repeat.

After applying and working in well to entire top, remove any excess and wipe to a dry finish using a clean, soft microfiber towel.