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Spray Detailer


  • Spray Detailer Quick and easy way to clean and remove fingerprints and buffer smears for a showroom shine.
  • It also works great while you’re sanding, buffing and polishing around the shop. Works great on paint, glass, and chrome. Silicone free, body shop safe.
  • Excellent lubricant for clay bars and clay alternatives. Spray on cars that are or heavily soiled, and wipe off with a soft, clean, dry cloth for an instant deep gloss. Excellent lubricant for clay bar and clay pads.
  • How to use: Spray very little on and wipe off in one direction with a soft, clean, dry cloth.
  • Flip microfiber over or use a different microfiber to buff off until desired shine is achieved.
  • This is an easy “spray on / wipe off” product. Excellent as a buffing pad primer. Spray detailer is silicone free and will not contaminate your painting area.
Additional information
Size 1 gal, 5 gal
Product Information & SDS Sheets