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Glass Cleaner Aerosol 19 Oz.

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  • Excellent ethanol-based glass cleaner that can be used to clean and remove oil and smoke film from car windows.
  • If you are a professional detailer or a car wash owner, then 3D Aerosol Glass cleaner is a must have.

Glass cleaning is a must if you want to keep your car clean. If your glass windows and even your headlights are not clean, this may cause some problems. It isn’t always advisable that you rely on the car wash to do that job for you, especially if it’s something as easy as a task like this.

  • When it comes to glass and plastic headlight cleaning, Aerosol Glass cleaner is ideal as it foams onto the surface allowing you to see where it has been sprayed.
  • This glass cleaner gets rid of all kinds of dirt from all glass type materials, windshields, mirrors, and other glass.
  • It easily removes any stubborn stains and at the same time, Aerosol Glass cleaner leaves that clear shine.

  • Other invisible glass cleaners, aren’tt VOC compliant due to recent regulations on aerosol containers. However, this is a VOC compliant aerosol glass cleaner.
  • Great for use on sports cars, used cars, and RV’s to remove smoke residue, airborne contaminants, dirt and grime.

  • Don’t use squeegees found at gas stations, as they can harm your windows. Use this easy to use handy glass cleaner with a clean microfiber towel.
  • An affordable solution to a risky problem.

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